Time to say goodbye

We are ready to sail!

We are about to set sail from Poreč to Pula, then to Mali Lošinj and then… Bari, Cagliari, Ceuta, Tenerife, Mindelo, Cape Town, Freemantle, Melbourne, Wellington, Puerto Williams, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Horta, Gibraltar, Malta…

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Message in a Bottle

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HIR3 is about to set sail! We will have satellite communication on board, so we can keep you up to date with our progress;) If you wish to receive news from HIR3 Sailing Tribe, please subscribe to our newsletter HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/3XfflQtMgyyO77RZ2


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Day 267: After sending out that message in a bottle stating my location, I've been bombarded with junk mail.

Sailor’s Tattoos

Nautical tattoos have been reinvented by many artists, in many styles…

Sea is one of the most dangerous and unstable environments for men, and a good metaphor of life. It is not surprising then that sailors were among the first to be tattooed, to ward off fate and express their experiences. Most of the nautical tattoos were originally talismans for good luck. Nautical tattoos were first old-school, but now they have been reinvented by many artists, in many styles.

An anchor is a symbol of safety and stability. It was inked by those who have successfully crossed the Atlantic. If it is teamed with a banner, the name or words on it would give the reason to stay grounded (a family member, lover or philosophy).

A rope tattoo on the wrist was indicative of a deckhand.

Nautical star tattoo is a representative of the North Star which is used for navigation on water. It is meant to guide you back to safety.

A fully rigged ship is supposed to denote that the sailor has sailed around Cape Horn.

Crossed anchors tattoo. When done between the index finger and thumb is supposed to denote a Boatswain mate. On the left hand it meant a sailor who sailed all oceans and on the right hand it indicated a sailor who had been on the Seven seas.

Pin-ups are of course iconic sailor tattoos. With sailor hats or clothes, they symbolize the girl waiting at home. As mermaids, they mean the dangerous beauty of sea (and life).

Rooster and pig tattoo is supposed to denote the surviving of a sailor from a shipwreck.

A swallow tattoo (migratory birds who can always find the way home). Sailors like the symbolism of being always being able to make it to the shore and thereby to home and back to the company of the loved ones. On the other hand, swallows are known to carry the souls of dead people off to heaven.

A dragon tattoo – was used to denote that the sailor had been to China or had served in a China station.

A golden dragon denoted the crossing of the International date line.

5 reasons why you need a Skipper

Skipper is the master of a small fishing, trading or pleasure boat…

Definition of Skipper: the master of a ship; especially: the master of a fishing, small trading, or pleasure boat.

b6zo2bqTop five reasons why you should hire a Skipper:

1. A good Skipper can tell you quite a few tips and tricks and you can learn how to maneuver the boat, trim the sails properly and anchor safely.

2. An experienced Skipper will plan the route for you, so you can swim in nice bays, visit cool places and eat in great restaurants.

3. A Skipper will be able to find a berth and anchor the boat safely where you otherwise couldn’t do it yourself.

4. In case of a breakdown (e.g. engine failure), a Skipper will know how to fix it, or will be able to find someone who can.

5. You can relax and enjoy your sailing experience knowing you are in good hands.


…so get in touch & let’s set sail;) sasa.fegic@gmail.com

2016 Racing photo gallery

HIR 3 – 2016 Racing season: La Mula de Parenzo, 48. Barcolana, 72. Viška regata, Zadarska Koka 2016.

HIR 3 – 2016 Racing season: 

La Mula de Parenzo

48. Barcolana

72. Viška regata

Zadarska Koka 2016.

Thank’s to my good crews for everything! Copyright: HIRovci.

Set sail on board HIR 3!

HIR 3 is getting ready for another great adventure… We will sail around the World! There is still a lot of work to be done, but she will soon be ready for sailing in the home waters of the Adriatic, so I am inviting everyone who is interested to join us…

HIR 3 is getting ready for another great adventure… We will sail around the World! There is still a lot of work to be done, but she will soon be ready for sailing in the home waters of the Adriatic, so I am inviting everyone who is interested to join us for a day, weekend, week or an ocean crossing… This year will be a test for HIR and the crew. It will be a great opportunity to get to know each other and the boat and sailing in the Adriatic is mandatory for anyone who would like to join us in our great adventure…


You can find a table with dates and ports which I plan to visit at the end of this post. Unfortunately (or not) the plans on the sea can change easily, so when you plan your trip, please be flexible as much as possible. A few days of bad weather can change all the plans and we will need to adjust our schedule in relation with the meteorological conditions.

In case you decide to be part of this fantastic project full of awesome sailing, easy life, good parties, great food and excellent company, you will need to accept some terms and conditions that the captain of the boat will require:

1. We kindly ask for a small donation for the project and sailing expenses are shared by the crew,

2. HIR 3 is a great boat, but she is an old lady that has her own will and sometimes we will need to accommodate her so she is happy as we are:)

3. There are maximum of 5 spaces on the boat so in the case of a big request, the choice of crew will be left on the captain (big boobs have the priority;)

4. We will all participate on the duties on board in relation with your capabilities, so if you do not now how to sail, do not worry, there is always some toilet to clean:)

5. It is obligatory for all the crew to have a good time!

2016 HIR 3 Sailing Advendure Calendar:

11.6. Regatta Fiumanka – Rijeka – 120€

22-26.6. Rota Palagruzona (Split-Komiža-Palagruža) – 200€

1-3.7. Festival Gospa od Tarca (Zadar-Kornati) – 200€

7-11.9. Festival Dani u Vali (Split-Starigrad) – 270€

17-18.9. La Mula de Parenzo – Poreč

24.9. Mrdujska Regatta – Split – 160€

9.10. Regatta Barcolana – Trieste – 160€

13-16.10. Viška Regatta (Split-Vis-Split) – 240€

22.10. Regatta Zadarska Koka – Zadar – 130€

10-20.11. Offshore Sailing – (Poreč-Dubrovnik-Poreč) – 320€

3-7.12. St. Nicholas festival (Split-Komiža) – 130€

RC44 Virgin Gorda Cup

E-mail me for more info… sasa.fegic@gmail.com