5 reasons why you need a Skipper

Skipper is the master of a small fishing, trading or pleasure boat…

Definition of Skipper: the master of a ship; especially: the master of a fishing, small trading, or pleasure boat.

b6zo2bqTop five reasons why you should hire a Skipper:

1. A good Skipper can tell you quite a few tips and tricks and you can learn how to maneuver the boat, trim the sails properly and anchor safely.

2. An experienced Skipper will plan the route for you, so you can swim in nice bays, visit cool places and eat in great restaurants.

3. A Skipper will be able to find a berth and anchor the boat safely where you otherwise couldn’t do it yourself.

4. In case of a breakdown (e.g. engine failure), a Skipper will know how to fix it, or will be able to find someone who can.

5. You can relax and enjoy your sailing experience knowing you are in good hands.


…so get in touch & let’s set sail;) sasa.fegic@gmail.com

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