New Year’s resolution – SAIL MORE!

2016 is coming to an end, so maybe now is the best time to decide on a New Year’s resolution: More sailing!

2016 is coming to an end, so maybe now is the best time to decide on a New Year’s resolution. Well, Sherlock Holmes would say: ‘ It’s elementary, my dear Watson!’… More sailing!

My plan for the first 6 months of 2017:

05 – 14.4. Offshore: Poreč – Dubrovnik – Zadar

14 – 17.4. Easter: Zadar – Kornati – Zadar

21 – 23.4. Regatta Gladuša: Zadar – Sali – Zadar

23 – 28.4. One-Way Sailing: Zadar – Poreč

18 – 25.5. One-Way Sailing: Poreč – Split

25 – 28.5. Komiška regatta: Split – Komiža – Split

28.5. – 3.6. One-Way Sailing: Split – Zadar

3 – 7.6. One-Way Sailing: Zadar – Rijeka

10.6. Fiumanka: Rijeka

11 – 14.6. One-Way Sailing: Rijeka – Zadar

14 – 18.6. Long Weekend: Zadar – Kornati – Zadar

18 – 21.6. One-Way Sailing: Zadar – Split

21 – 25.6. Long weekend: Split – Vis

25.6. – 2.7. One-Way Sailing: Split – Poreč

Everyone is invited to join me… In case you decide to be part of this fantastic project full of awesome sailing, easy life, good parties, great food and excellent company, you will need to accept some terms and conditions:

1. We kindly ask for a small donation for the project and sailing expenses are shared by the crew,

2. HIR 3 is a great boat, but she is an old lady that has her own will and sometimes we will need to accommodate her so she is happy as we are:)

3. There are maximum of 5 spaces on the boat so in the case of a big request, the choice of crew will be left on the captain (big boobs have the priority;)

4. We will all participate with the duties on board in relation with your capabilities, so if you do not now how to sail, do not worry, there is always some toilet to clean:)

5. It is obligatory for everyone to have a good time!

E-mail me for more info…