Full speed astern!


Weather finally decided to cooperate and allowed us to move HIR from Poreč, so Andrej, Elvis and me bought food, drinks and started the engine… Finally we were on our way!


I decided not to experiment with the sails until we repair the mast, so we motored through the calm sea by the Istrian coast. It wasn’t very exciting, bit on the other hand we were really happy to be on our way, so we treated ourselves with good food and great Istrian wind we brought. In the evening, we had dinner that Andrej prepared the day earlier in the cockpit… We installed a headlamp on the tiller, so we would be able to see what we were eating and it turned out to be great!:)


Occasionally the alarm sounded because the engine started to overheat, so we decided to take it slow. It was really easy to navigate at night with very little traffic. We took 2-hour shifts, so we got to sleep a little… until early in the morning when I woke up, I noticed something strange… The engine was running, but we weren’t moving! I tried to go in reverse and it worked ok, but we just couldn’t go forward!? Anyway, it was only logical to go full speed astern! We were doing sometimes over 3 knots this way for 15 miles… until we reached the shipyard in Kraljevica… We felt really stupid, but it worked out fine in the end. We reached our destination!


Guys immediately took down the mast and I decided to take the boat out as well to repair the engine and to do the antifouling…