Taylor’s paraffin heater & cooker

HIR 3 will get new Taylor’s paraffin cooker and heater…

The old gas stove that was on board HIR was full of rust and it was beyond repair, so I had to buy a new one. Also, my big concern in heating on board, so I have been looking around and searching the internet for best options. My big issue is that I don’t want a lot of electric appliances on the boat, so the only options were gas and paraffin.IMG_4796I found Taylor’s paraffin heater 079K that I liked and it seems that the same unit was on the boat originally. The only problem was the price. 1.600 Euro for a heater was definitely too much for me… until I found one offer on ebay. I was bidding for more than a week and finally won it for about 200 Euro… but it came without a paraffin pressure tank, so I had another problem then… until I’ve found in Slovenian classifieds a complete Taylor’s paraffin cooker 030 for a fraction of the price, so now I have all the components I need and they both look great! I just hope it will all work as well…

IMG_4792‘Cruising boats worldwide use Taylors paraffin galley cookers. Rugged, reliable and easy to maintain, these classic stoves work on the Primus pressure system have many advantages and having no gas aboard is an obvious safety benefit.’IMG_4793


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